Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Weekend

I love the weekends mainly because Jared is home with us. It is not uncommon for him to have to work though. Yesterday he worked and it. was. rough. I have no voice. That in itself is a challenge while trying to instruct 3 year old boys. We had a meltdown of cataclysmic proportions. Truly, worst, EVER. It was both of them. A kind neighbor spotted it happening and offered to help. (That usually makes it more embarrassing.) It was BAD. It left me spent, completely. Today is a new day and although Jared plans to get the leaves done he does not have to work. I am hoping that today holds a lot of relaxation (O.K. a little relaxation).


This was a few weeks ago. Jared had a chance for a Saturday Morning nap and Alex decided that he'd join him. :)
*On a side note: we bought those rings for Addison and Eli calls them his wrinkles. No idea why but now of course the whole family calls them that.