Wednesday, November 10, 2010

seen & heard

We started working on the cubby verse this week and I told them the reference which was in Luke. To which Eli replied "where's Logan?" (My friend Stacey's sons are named Luke& Logan) I said "no, not Luke your friend, Luke from the Bible. He said, "WELL, where is LOGAN from the Bible?" Oy. He then said his verse and finished with the reference which was "Logan 3:23". I am no scholar but I do know that there is no "book of Logan". :)

Alex's two new phrases are "yeah, that's what I talkin'" when we understand what he is trying to tell us and "I got a prah-lem (problem) here".

I also overheard Eli tell him something he was excited about and Alex replied "WONDERFUL!!".

They recently disagreed with Mama, jointly. I made the mistake of flushing the toilet when Alex had wanted to and it turned into a MAJOR MELTDOWN. I sent him to his room and I heard him tell the whole sordid story to Eli who TOTALLY agreed with him and made sure he told me about it. "Mama Alex needed to flush, you need to let him." Ugh!

While the boys bathed recently I cleaned their rooms and made their beds. Eli climbed into his bed and said "who cleaned our room? Dad?" (No comment on his assumption by the way) I said "no, mommy did it". He then proceeded to say "thank you Mommy for making my bed" I said your welcome and then to further cement his position as the "perfect" child he said "and thank you for cleaning up my room". Love it.

Jared was recently loud when Addison was sleeping. Eli is very conscious of the noise level while she is sleeping although I don't know why b/c I never worry about it. I figure it is completely necessary that she get used to noise due to the fact that she has twin brothers. Anyways he scolded Jared and said "You know better than that."

Recently Nani and Papa bought them pillow pets and Alex got in the car and exclaimed "I LOVE Nani and Papa and I LOVE my pillow pet".

I cannot possibly keep up with all of their 3 year old moments but this is my attempt.

pp eee

In girl news: Addison is 4 months old tomorrow and I have a new weight to share! :)


Liz said...

laughing at the tantrum about flushing their own business. I get that a lot here.
Your boys are too cute and so curteous. My two should take some lessons.

briana said...

OH how I miss those boys!!! I loved hearing their little phrases this summer!! Tell them that heather/christina misses them!!