Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A typical morning

No specific reason to post this morning, not that there is ever anything too earth shattering, I just felt the need and the boys are watching Laurie Berkner Band (their new fav) while Addie naps.

* I told the boys this morning that I didn't feel very well and that my head hurt. SO.....

this sweet little face


who eats muffins like this


said he could kiss my head to feel all better.


*I was taking pics at the table this morning because, despite me reporting that we were not moving, we are.

*I'm thrilled and am going to have a DREAM kitchen. I am however going to miss this little kitchen that drives me crazy.

*The boys and I have done lots of baking in this kitchen and they ate their first little bites here and took clumsy little steps on this floor and were given first baths in here and I cooked many a gourmet meal in this kitchen.

*OK not so much that last part about the gourmet meals but lots of spaghetti and grilled cheese and other not-so-gourmet meals like chicken pot pie and casseroles. :)


*Nani and Papa have come over for the last couple of weeks to keep an eye on the boys while I attempt to get things done. They take the boys outside and the boys refuse to let them leave until they have played play-doh with them. Nani makes really good coiled snakes. :)

*They also tickle littley piggy toes


and admire litte Addie girl (Does she have these guys wrapped or what?)


*I love that Papa and Eli are in the same exact position.

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Liz said...

great news on the move--but I would feel the same nostalgia about all the firsts that happened there. Bittersweet I suppose. On to make new memories! Hope the move isn't too far from family or anything.