Friday, November 19, 2010



I always love Fall each year but this year it was extra special. The whole time I was on bed rest and in the hospital and visiting my little preemie I would tell myself that by Fall things would be back to normal. A new normal, of course, but our normal. It gave me a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes we need a reminder that "this too shall pass", "joy comes in the morning" so that we can face the trial and not let it overtake us.

I laid in my hospital bed missing Jared and the boys and dreamed of the day when I could take walks outside with them. At that point my biggest walk of the day was to the end of the hall to fill my water. I almost always did this just to have an excuse to walk. Sad, I know but I love my walks.

This fall Addie and the boys and I have taken a lot of walks. I enjoyed them all. The boys are even at the point where they can walk and we can get around the block without hours passing. They love exploring the neighborhood and all that it offers and they love the play scape at the end of the neighborhood.

This Fall has been far from easy but I am pleased to say things are getting back to "normal". The busiest craziest normal that I have ever experienced that involves a family of five and a big move etc., etc., but I'll take it. :)


The boys always beg to go to the "Halloween house" which ironically doesn't scare them a bit yet the Wildcat mascot terrifies them.


Now there is a turkey to visit.

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