Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Sisters

An amazing thing happened today. I went out with all of my sisters. This hasn't happened, let's see, how old are the boys???? Ok a REALLY LONG TIME. We met at Starbucks and then went to a Mom2Mom sale. On a funny note we shopped on our own there and I became so into the shopping that when I looked for my sisters to say bye they'd all left. :) It was so nice to sit and laugh with them for an hour or so. We kept noticing that the music seemed to keep getting louder. We aren't sure if that was due to our conversation or just a coincidence but they obviously weren't familiar with us because we can just get louder. :) We have 13 children between the 4 of us (well 12 but Molly should get there in the next couple of weeks) therefore there isn't a lot of time to chat. Moments like today are rare and I am very grateful for this time.

I made a list in October of 34 things I wanted to do in my 34th year. Some of the things on my list are to sleep in late, shop at a flea market/antique store, read a book on parenting boys and prayer (hey, that would be a good combo book b/c I need LOTS of prayer to raise boys:) ), monthly date nights, organize & develop pictures (I may NEVER accomplish this) AND going out with all my sisters along with a lot of other things. I am so glad to mark one of the things off my list. I just hope that we won't wait until next year to do this again.

I really should have taken a picture of all of us but I wasn't prepared for the audible groan and eye roll I would have recieved for being the annoying sister who always HAD to take pictures. I will get one next time. ;) Thanks girls for the fun and for helping me with my list.

#13 Out with all sisters

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Jen said...

WOW! 3're an amazing mama!
I have twins too {girls}, born 2 days apart at 23w 5d & 24w.
I think I've been to your blog before...but maybe you've got a new layout since the last time?.
Just saying Hi :)