Friday, November 12, 2010

Remember this....

I remember as a child when the Christmas catalog came in. Now it is a flimsy toy catalog but Jared and I both remember it being a thick whopper of a book. My sister Mindy thinks it was a Sears catalog. She is probably right. My grandma would sit us down with a marker and tell us to circle the things we wanted for Chrismas. I remember as a little girl circling a ton of toys thinking for sure that I would get of course. The funny thing is I was never disappointed after Christmas that I didn't. I am pretty sure I forgot what I'd circled and was just thrilled to have shiny presents in front of me.

We received the toy catalog in the mail last week. Eli was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He has "read" it every day since. This series of picture was of him telling me a story about what he was looking at. He thinks it is a book. :)


Don't worry Nani and Grandma Lores we are getting his bangs cut tonight! :)


I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Believe it or not he is not scowling at me he was actuallly asking me a question about his book. :)

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