Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Simpler Holiday

Ah, the elusive family Christmas picture. I would love to get a perfect holiday picture and I have this (probably false) belief that as the kids get a bit older and actually look at the camera it could be possible. Our first Christmas with twins I didn't even attempt to do a Christmas photo. I was reeling from twin infants and it didn't happen.

But, oh, how sweet are these cheeks. Yum!


The second year this was what we got so I didn't send one out but probably should have because in retrospect it was pretty cute.


Finally last year we got this one and even though they didn't look at the camera I appreciated it for what it was and sent it out with the following message: "May your holidays be more joyful than Alex and Eli are in this picture".


This year in honor of not freezing our butts off and not wanting my entire family (mainly Jared) wishing me ill I may do this (see below) so that we don't have to get that "perfect" picture and we can just make a collage and call it a day. Simple, right??

Family Wall Red

We will see though because if I could get my precious little ones to smile perfectly and look at the camera (and we all looked like supermodels) as shown below I would definitely choose this one.

These two options along with all of these other ones are available at Shutterfly AND because they are feeling "gifty" they are giving me 50 free holiday cards for writing this post. YAY!

They also have calendars which I've always thought would be great Christmas gifts for family AND they have holiday cards if you like to write a personal message to each recipient. I on the other hand know that that is not the most practical option for us since we have a newborn, twin 3 yr olds AND are most likely moving in mid-December.

Although I have never ordered holiday photos from Shutterfly I have ordered a lot of prints from them and they always arrive promptly and on quality paper. They also e-mail you all of their promotions which often involves free prints and I love FREE.

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Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont said...

Hey Becky, I love your Christmas photos! Isn't that deal from Shutterfly great? Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and best of luck with the new baby, your twins, and moving!