Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekend

The boys have been in the house a lot because they haven't been feeling great so come Sunday they needed OUT! We don't like putting them in the nursery at church when they are sick because others could get sick also so we opted for some outdoor fun. We headed over to The Henry Ford and had some fun in the village.

We had fun playing with the old fashioned toys on the lawn. Jared attempted the stilts and did quite well.



We watched an old fashioned baseball game which is played by 1867 rules. This includes no glove, ouch! This is one of Jared's students batting. I thought the drink cart was cool.

IMG_9284 IMG_9278

The train ride was a big hit with the boys and Jared enjoyed the shade. IMG_9264IMG_9260

The boys enjoyed the petting farm but Alex was scared to death of the chickens. Alex is going through a phase of fear it seems. We try to get him to calm down when he freaks but I feel bad for the boy. I hope he outgrows it soon. If anyone has insight I would love to hear it.

As you can see below Eli was not afraid of the chickens. Mom was a big nervous about his proximity to them though. What can I say, all birds kind of creep me out. I blame Alfred Hitchcock for that darn bird movie ;)



tbonegrl said...

What fun pictures! No ideas on the fear of the chicken...Summy's never been afraid of a thing but now is afraid of thunder...

monica said...

Sounds like fun! The boys are afraid of animals (cows, pigs) also. I just encourage it by trying to be friendly to the animals, touching them and showing them that they won't hurt them. I am thinking it is just a phase.

Genny said...

Great pictures! Hope they are feeling better. :)

Stephanie said...

nice new look. You are so creative. When I get home I am going to change mine. Come over and we can play! Sweet pics. the boys look like they are having fun. btw 34 followers! What! I am jealous!!! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like a very fun day!!

My son Shane was afraid of his shadow and labeled a "crybaby". He grew out of it, although he is a quiet one. Be supportive and encourage your son to try new things, but without pressuring him or making him feel bad if he doesn't want to. Sometimes kids like this just need a little extra time to feel confident!


Becky said...

What a fun day getting out! I bet you all needed that;)

The Laughing Idiot said...

Hi! Dropping in from SITS.

This looks like a fun day - and exhaustingly busy.

No worries about the chickens, they're more likely to run away. We have a working farm right here in Pleasantville (not on the outskirts, pretty much right in there) and my kids are around chickens, pigs, donkeys, goats, sheep, & cows all the time.

I'd love for you to drop by place:Life Makes Me Laugh

leigh anna said...

yesterday after you left me a comment, i spent close to 3 hours on your blog....
i just got lost in time!!

love love love it!
and your sweet boys are precious!!

gotta follow!

lov said...

and the comment from leigh anna....
yeah that is me!
gotta keep people guessing!!

Liz said...

what a fun time!!