Monday, August 31, 2009

10 Reasons......

10 reasons that I feel refreshed on this Monday morning
by: former psycho stressed-out Mom.

1) Jared did not have to work (outside the home) all weekend! Praise God.
2) We didn't run around like crazy because he was off.
3) We did run errands that needed to be done and now I don't have to worry about trying to do them by myself with my insanely rambunctious active boys.
4) We ate out 3 times which = next to no cooking.
5) Jared accomplished a bunch of small but nagging household tasks.
6) We cleaned out the basement and he still loves me. (I tend to use our storage in the basement as my messy, cluttered, hold all. I compare it to Monica's "secret closet" on "Friends" ** cue "Sanford and Son" music.) Anyways, this was a HUGE accomplishment.
7) I slept for 8 hours each night of the weekend. I am realizing that I cope with life and the trantrums much better when I am well rested.
8) I read this line in the book "Your Two Year Old: Terrible or Tender" "Do not be surprised if you are unduly fatigued at the end of the day". I was so excited I ran to tell Jared and his response was "I could have told you that it's normal". It was still just nice to know that a) my husband thinks I am somewhat normal and b) so does the author of the book. I am also happy to not be the only one who puts my twins two year olds to bed and feels like doing absolutely nothing "unduly fatigued".
9) I had time to work on some of the projects that I want to do with the boys.
10) I had time to bake muffins on Sunday morning. Alex and Eli's favorite breakfast.
Below are the pictures of the activity that I worked on for the boys this wknd. I got the idea from "The Activity Mom". I love her site and found a lot of great projects and activities that I plan to do soon. She links you to another site that gives other ideas for what to do with these race car letters. I printed them out on printer paper, matted them on construction paper and laminated them with the upper-case letter on one side and the lower case on the other. I chose to do each of their names.


By the way thanks for all the kind words regarding this fun age of two that we are dealing with :)


Stephanie said...

ok girl. I am coming over to your house for craft day. We will make a project for the kids and then let them play and we can enjoy a coffee. Sounds nice!

Amber said...

ahh, gotta love a full 8 hours of sleep :)

scrappysue said...

here from sits saying hi!