Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's do....random!

I feel the need for a random post. Here goes:

  • This morning I dreamt of doing the dishes. I am serious. Maybe it was a nightmare?

  • Molly watched the boys yesterday so that I could grocery shop alone. It was so nice and I returned to her house to find both of my boys doing their best Elton John impersonation. They had beads around their neck and were playing the piano and singing B-I-N-G-O with gusto.

  • When it was time to go Alex didn't want to leave. It wasn't a pretty scene. We were 1/2 way home when I glanced in the rear view mirror to see still mad Alex with a green face. For a moment I thought he was goin' all Incredible Hulk on me but then I remembered that getting him to leave involved prying a piece of sidewalk chalk out of his hand. I am still laughing about this one.


  • As I was leaving to go shopping I told Bella, whose birthday is today but her party is Friday, that I had to go and find her a gift. Immediately she was intrigued and asked "what are you going to get?" I responded, "I don't know, we will see" and then shut the door to head to my car. I began to hear banging on the window and headed back to the door opened it and Bella who was dressed in full princess attire (dress, crown, wand) pointed ever so slightly to the dress she had on. I laughed out loud. You've gotta love a 4 year old who knows what she wants. Adorable!

  • Alex has started requesting a kiss and hug at bed time and I love it. This morning he requested the same from Daddy as he left for work. Jared's response was "I love this new tradition". We usually request one but it is always nice for them to want a kiss and hug from us.
  • Is it weird that I sometimes wish we were independently wealthy just so that Jared could hang out with us all day long? Oh well.
  • Alex continues to be a walking contradiction. He is a total daredevil who want to swing faster and be thrown higher, yet he is fearful of so many small things lately.
  • Yesteday was the first day in forever that Jared came home early and I was in bed watching "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". Seriously? What are the odds? Too bad I didn't have some bon-bons in my hand. In my defense I had a headache. He always tells me to rest when the boys nap but I always feel so weird about when I actually do. Kinda funny.

  • Recently while in another room a fight ensued over headbands. Thankfully I had two.
  • As active as the boys are they can veg out with the best of 'em.
  • We had our first family movie night on Friday. This was our set up so that the boys could eat pizza while watching the movie. We rented Kung-Fu Panda which turned out to be a bit scary for the boys but we still had a good time.
  • I am off to declutter a few spots in our house that are driving me crazy.
    • And that concludes this really random post.


      monica said...

      Great random post. Funny about Husband coming home to find you laying down!! The green monster you had in your car was cute!!

      Liz said...

      Love the random posts. I chuckled quite a bit while reading. Come on you know you nap every single day!

      lov said...

      random is the language i live by!

      Equidae said...

      I cant nap while my kid naps but i relax a great deal while he does

      Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

      Family movie nights are a favourite here too, and no, you're not alone in wishing your husband could be home with you all the time!

      Helene said...

      Stopping by from SITS! I'm a twin mom too (I have 2 sets of twins!). Your boys are adorable!!! I love the pic of them all drowsy on the sofa...I miss those days!

      We do family pizza/movie nights on Fridays too! When the kiddos are a little older, I'm hoping we can incorporate some fun board games in there too. I love that we've started this little tradition in our family and I hope that as the kids get older and start doing extracurricular activities, that we'll still come together as a family every Friday night.

      Debbie said...

      What adorable kid anecdotes. I loved them.

      Kimberly said...

      Cute blog! Happy Saturday sharefest.

      tbonegrl said...

      I laughed at the green face too! I'm thinking movie night sounds like something we need to try at our house!!