Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Play Date in the Sunshine

Today I had a spur of the moment play date with my sister, Mindy and her two girls Alli and Kayla (k-k, as we like to call her or "cakes" is what her Mommy calls her). It is always pretty spur of the moment with my sisters. We can call and have a play date within the hour. I love it. We don't get to do it all that often because like everyone else we are busy girls. Actually, they are busy. My sister, Missy is at a busy stage that involves running around to various practices and she likes to laugh at my "busy" weeks that involve the Library, grocery shopping, a dr. appointment., etc. I'm tellin' ya I keep it simple, people and it still feels busy to me. Anyways we had fun and sat back and relaxed in adirondack chairs sipping water and diet Pepsi while soaking up the sun. That is why all the pics are of the kids backs. There wasn't a snowball's chance that we were going to get up from soaking in the sun unless someone was in grave danger or we needed to cool our tootsies in the pool. ;) What a life, eh? We did discuss the fact that we do feel very blessed.



I adore Alli's bathing suit. It could be b/c I have boys and don't get to indulge in all things girl but I thought is was precious and the front is even cuter not that you'll see that because again not getting up to take that picture. ;)


lov said...

sounds like the best day!!

Liz said...

Good for you for relaxing!!

and BTW Kaylie has aquired the word "mine" and has started using it. Not cool!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

A great day by the looks of ut!

Tania (via SITS)

Heather said...

What sweet pictures! Looks like there was fun to be had all around. =) I love your blog!

Helen McGinn said...

How lovely. My sis isn't speaking to me and I miss her. Sniff. x