Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keepin' it Real!

WHAT A DAY I HAVE HAD! It all started when my inner alarm (that I HATE LATELY) woke me up at 4:45 A stinkin' M. I made the best of it and after being up for an hour or so I felt drowsy enough to fall back to sleep for a while. I woke with a start at 8am on a morning that I had an appointment at 9:15. No big deal we all get out the door pretty quickly so I am not stressed. We get ready and I go to find my keys and realize that they are locked in the car because Jared drove us to the store on Tuesday but I locked the front door meaning that I threw my keys in the car and they got locked in. GREAT!!!

Jared started meetings today at school and after a couple of tries I was unable to reach him. THANKFULLY I have AAA and I called and took advantage of the free unlocking the keys from the car service (contrary to the sound that is not the official term). I called the office where my appointment was and left a message that we would be late because it was 8:40 and my keys were locked safely in my car. The toe truck pulls up not 5 minutes later, yay and we make it to our appointment 5 minutes early. Wooohoooo!

From there we hit the bank, said "Hi!" to Jared at school in between his meetings and headed to the library and THEN the grocery store. The library went well although they struggled a bit during check-out because they had to stay on the rug. They did, however, do MUCH better than in the past. I actually felt like we were getting somewhere in that department. Feeling cocky we headed to the grocery store where I needed a couple of things.

I had noticed last time I was there that they had small shopping carts for children to push and I thought then that next time I had 1 child I would give it a whirl BUT today I threw caution to the wind and let them both do it. IT WAS ADORABLE! They did great and the store wasn't crowded so I let them walk all around the place for an extra 20 minutes or so. I didn't anticipate check-out until about 1/2 through the euphoric experience. I then sort of dreaded it. Especially when I tried to get them to head in the direction of the front of the store and they immediately became defiant. I handled it calmly and we slowly headed up to the front of the store.

This is when things got a little dicey. An elderly lady approached the check out at about the same time and although she motioned for me to go ahead I assured her that she should go first. In my mind I was thinking: "Run for you life lady, get out while you can!!!" While she checked out I had the boys get in line and already they were ticked. TICKED! Eli whined a bit but relented when he realized he could play with candy packages in the aisle and Mommy wasn't objecting. Alex on the other hand was POSTAL! I told him to settle down and eventually after a scene he relented. An old couple behind me started eyeballing me and my children and I was sweating at this point. The sweet check out lady was sympathising with the boys and gave them stickers. I am guessing she has grandbabies because she understood that a 2 year old having to give up something as cool as a cart with groceries in it was a BIG deal. I was feeling a bit of stress relief as she was being so kind. AND THEN it was time to switch cashiers. OY!

The new cashier was a 20 something year old man and he seemed a bit annoyed with my crying (although now calmly, due to the sticker) Alex. The little carts had signs on them that said you had to leave them in the store so I began the prying from fingers while my things were being scanned and bagged. It was at this point that the couple behind me and the cashier began discussing how when they were kids you NEVER acted like that because you knew what you had coming at home. UMMMM EXCUSE me but they are TWO they aren't 10 and having a meltdown because I won't buy them a video game. Come on people. Welcome to 2009. I was agitated that they felt free to have this discussion while standing 12 inches from me rather than gossip about me after I had gone but at the same time I was determined not to react. Whatever. I know it is difficult to understand two year olds unless you currently have them, and even then, I will be honest I am at a loss 1/2 he time. ;)

On the way out I asked the boys to be BIG HELPERS ,(one of their favorite things right now) and hold my flowers for me and carry them to the car. This was the perfect distraction and we got to the car unscathed. Can you anticipate what is coming next???? I had to take back the flowers unless I wanted to have headless, crushed flowers. Battle number 38 for the day began and we headed home.

I know what I did. I oversheduled our morning. I let them push carts around instead of getting them home for lunch. It happens. I am human. They are two years old. It was just one of those days.

We came home and I gave them lunch (which they didn't touch) and began to make my cupcakes for girl's-night-in tonight. They put the baking cups in the pan and had a blast doing it. Eli was making Alex and I laugh out loud each time Alex tried to take one of "his" baking cups by saying "MY cup of cake, MY cup of cake, MY cup of cake". So funny. While putting in the 2nd batch they got a hold of my vase of flowers and I decided "helping time" was over. It was a LONG day. They weren't happy about nap even after two books but as I closed their bedroom door I heard their version of supercalifragilisticexbealidocious (have fun on that one spell checker ;D) and well, I am pretty sure you can't be irritated with a child singing that song. :) At least I can't!



monica said...

Sounds so much like a typical day in our house. I like how you number each battle! Oh we have the same type of battles in our day! Singing is always cute!

Liz said...

Oh man you are my hero! All that in just the morning?!?! wow. I hope they napped for you after all that. I hate when I sweat in public when they are misbehaving. It's like everyone is watching you. And what is it with people and their comments?!?! Keep it to yourself please. :) Those shopping carts sound awesome. I know before we moved there was a food store that had them. They had a sign on them that said Shopper in Training on them. So cute.