Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Me "Help" You Bubby!

The boys have started a new thing where they enjoy playing together in one of their cribs for a while after nap. Ummm...let me think extra minutes of confinement for my crazy toddlers.....Sounds Great to me! Here I believe Eli was schooling Alex on how to take off the teething bars. When we bought these Jared thought that they would take them right off but I assured them that they MUST have been toddler tested and couldn't come off too easily. Needless to say Daddy was right. Eli got his off the first night, I believe, and Alex didn't do it for the longest time until after this series of pictures thanks to his "helper" Eli.

Eli to Alex: See Alex, you just take it off and throw it to the floor like this".

"Great technique for a first timer, I think you've got it!"

"Yep, I think you are right this one is stuck".

"SEE aren't they fun you can use it as a phone or whatever you want". "My work here is done".

"Oh, I almost forgot and this is an important one, if Mommy looks annoyed just giver her one of your sweet faces."

"See works like a charm. Told ya!"


Liz said...

We ARE living parallel lives--I'm convinced! They actually cried because I took them out. They were in there forever. I needed to go downstairs. Love the captions for the pics.

Harris Boys said...

hehe...those bars didn't last long in our house either.

becky, the boys are too cute! they are getting SO BIG!