Thursday, September 18, 2008

17 months

I cannot believe that you guys are 17 months old. When did that happen? I continue to enjoy you so much! Here's a run down of what you are up to!


  • You weigh in a 20lbs. 13 1/2 ounces.
  • You said "down" today which you are pronouncing like "down" (pretty crazy, right?).

  • You started saying "cock a doodle doo" which you are pronouncing "google google goo" (hmm, that is quite marketable nowadays actually) while you point to the roosters in your books.
  • You're fiercely opinionated which is Mommy's nice way of saying that you want what you want, when you want it, how you want it, or else. We are working on this but it is quite a challenge.

  • You are still doing the "frankenstein" walk while pushing your toys although you did stand up unassisted in your crib last week. (I, of course missed it but Daddy and Nana saw it).

  • You also enjoy shutting your brother in the front door. Revenge is sweet as they say.

  • On the brother front, you have begun to take on the big brother role which I find interesting as you only beat him by a minute but I guess it is instinctive. You were both crying the other night after being frightened by the gate falling (the dreaded gate) and Daddy and I each picked up one of you while you proceeded to pat Eli on the back. It was really sweet and I hope that the two of you will always have each other's backs, so to speak.

  • You love doing the motions to "The Muffin Man" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and are so proud of yourself while you do them. Last weekend Daddy picked up muffins and coffee and we soon realized that every time I said muffin you were doing the motions. We tried to explain that you were actually eating a muffin but you aren't quite "there".


  • You weigh in at 24lbs 13 1/2 ounces.
  • You have begun to sing your alphabet and we cannot believe it. Daddy and I both look at each other in awe pretty much every time that you interject a letter in the correct place. You started with "e,f,g" and now love "y" along with several other letters.

  • Your doing daily breathing treatments and are taking them like a champ (as long as "Sesame Street" is on). You definitely need to school your brother in this area because he had a cold that requires the same treatments and he is not fond of them.

  • You love going outside and every time you hear the baby gate that leads to the back door (and to the basement, unfortunately) you get upset if we don't take you outside immediately and if for some reason I pick you up near the door and don't exit swiftly it is "on" as some might say. We are "working" on" this too. (Are you seeing a pattern in the life of a toddler? We are "working on" an insane amount of things. I'm pretty sure God's getting a chuckle over that last statement I made. He is definitely "there" with me all the time :) )

  • You still cry a bit when each bottle ends and if I stop feeding you applesauce or yogurt. You love food.

  • Daddy and I have been calling you "bam, bam" (which Aunt Kim came up with) because you are a bit rough and struggle to understand the word gentle.

  • I'm pretty sure you have a crush on Alli. We will have to explain that whole cousin thing to you soon :) You are thrilled to see her in the morning when I watch her.

  • You've begun to give kisses. This is both thrilling and frightening because they are very scary Hannibal Lecter type kisses (wide open mouth, coming at you with great force) but we love them. You also give them to your babies in your books. You try to give them to Alex but I'm pretty sure the attempts give him nightmares.

The two of you

  • were fighting over my phone last week only to pull it into two separate pieces. Mommy has since learned to always save your contacts to your sim card and never let your sweet boys play with your cell phone as they may disagree with who deserves ownership from one moment to the next.
  • are beginning to give each other hugs and while shopping, this past weekend, we had you both in the same cart (How much do I love discount clubs that have 2 seats in each cart? Genius, I tell you genius!) and you just sat there with your faces on one another in a snuggle. It was priceless.

  • will eat anything. Daddy and I cannot snack on anything without the "scavengers" attacking. Outsiders must think we don't feed you.

  • are the loves of our lives.

Love you, my little 17 months olds!


Harris Boys said...

becky, this is such a sweet post. 17 time just goes by TOO fast, huh??

I've missed reading your blog :(

Jared & Becky said...

Thanks Katie! I have a few posts in my head to catch up on :) I couldn't find my camera cord and have now so I plan to update with pics!