Wednesday, September 3, 2008

May I Please Have More Fishies?

Rather than bother Mommy Alex decided to help himself to the fishy crackers.
How sweet of him :) I also must add that I just put the boys down for their nap and said "I love you" only to hear Eli echo back "wuh woo". I guess that makes the smushed into the carpet fishy crackers that I have to go clean up seem like no big deal. Motherhood is truly different from one instant to the next :)


monica said...

The "wuh woo" was so precious. The fishy's just escaped out of the bag!! Too cute!!

Liz said...

It's like he is saying "What Mom, did I do something wrong?" in the first picture. cute! and I love the wuh woo! I'm awaiting that to melt my heart.

the schirano triplets said...

awww, goldfish smooshed into the carpet. the joys of being a mommy of toddlers :) you have to admit it made for some cute pictures though!

Harris Boys said... the "wuh woo"