Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Snugglers

The boys have always been snuggly. I don't think they had a chance with Jared and I as parents it is in their blood. We practically forced it upon them :) They now, however, have begun to snuggle their stuffed animals and we are loving it. Eli loves to snuggle/strangle the bunny as seen in the above pic that Aunt Linda got him at Easter. Alex's new favorite is a pink pig puppet (pics of puppets to come) that I picked up in the dollar section at Target thinking we could do some puppet shows but instead he loves to snuggle these things. Daddy went this weekend to pick up some more puppets with the boys and is trying to convert Alex to the puppy dog. We will see how that goes ;)


Liz said...

LOL... I love how Alex has a binky in his mouth AND is holding on to one for dear life. :)

Jared & Becky said...

Liz, that is so funny that you noticed the binky thing. I am so used to him doing that that I looked right past it :) If we have 3 in his crib he holds on to two while sucking on the third. It is pretty funny.

Harris Boys said... sweet are those pics. I love seeing kids get attached to a stuffed animal. ethan has a frog and teddy bear that he must sleep with each night. we love it too.