Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back from Blog Vacation.

Wow I new I was guilty of blog neglect but I didn't realize that it had been that long :) Yikes! The boys are doing a ridiculous amount of new things. I think that they are trying to completely freak me out and turn into......little boys. Ugh, I cannot stand it. I keep telling Jared that I don't want a new baby I just want to rewind their little lives and enjoy it all over again. I know this is impossible and a little bit of a weird desire but I've come to terms with it and it just helps me appreciate each little moment.

We had a great time with the boys last night. We went to Mother Goose Storytime at the Library. It is for 6-24 month olds. I was going to try to go to this during the day alone with the boys but thought I should try it out with Jared first. Thank God I did. Eli was not about to sit still and did the "flipper" (you know the straight back bowed body thing that makes you powerless in their little hands) when I tried to hold him in my lap. Oddly enough Jared picked Eli as "his" for this activity because he would be easier and sit still. Needless to say, he became "mine" pretty quickly. He did love the songs though and the play time at the end. Alex sat still and was enthralled by ever second of it. He also plopped himself in the middle of other kids and their parents during play time. This is our normally reserved, sit back and watch until he's comfortable, child but he surprised us and it was great to see him dive right in. The boys refuse to be pigeon holed as you can tell. It is impossible to label them and I am actually glad they are constantly changing. With twins it's easy to try and label them as the "this" one or "that" one but they are onto us and aren't going to let it happen I guess. Good for them :)

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