Friday, November 30, 2012


My instagram pics from the last couple of weeks.  I am roddfam5 if you want to follow.

life rearranged
I just realized that you can upload your instagrams straight to flickr.  Such a time saver, however the pics are kind of huge.  I may have to adjust the size in flickr before I transfer them to the blog but I am not re-doing it for this week.  SO here are some LARGE pics of my week.  :)
Love this face.  Thankful for my kids even on a day when they are making me crazyyyyyy!
Love this kid so much.
Oy!  Nap time, I miss you dearly. :(
This is a day when these two crazies were avoiding nap time. They know if they get me laughing I may cave.
Eli wanted a taste.  Immediately following this picture he was trying to wipe off his tongue with his shirt.  #notafan
My sweet sister Molly brought me a coffee one day and Eli insisted on trying it.  I gave him some and it was comical.  He immediately tried to wipe off his tongue with his sleeve.  He was not a fan of the good ole pumpkin spice latte.  Not sure I  can claim him.  Running a couple of errands with my 3 crazies.
Errands with my 3 crazies!
Making granola bars, still need to make dinner, give baths, help with homework and wanted to go for a walk.  Sometimes sister wives sounds like a logical plan ;) especially when Jared works late!
Making homemade granola bars from Skinny Taste.  Yum.
Rough day that required snuggling up with my Addie girl and a pile of her favorite books.  #latergram
A pile of books, a bed and Addie.  Loved it.
@Lisaleonard Scored big at the thrift store with this booster chair thanks to your inspiration. :)

Found this treasure at the thrift store.  All 3 of the kids LOVE sitting in it.
It may feel like 25 out but sometimes we have to get out our energy no matter what the temp is!
I try and get the kids out even when it "feels like 25 degrees" because they HAVE to get that energy out somehow and we all need the fresh air.
This one just drew a picture on the computer and wanted me to send it to a girl in his class.  I did.  Her mommy texted back that she loved it.  Oy. :)
Alex made a picture on Nick Jr and wanted me to send it to a girl.  I did and her Mom texted me back to tell me how much she liked it.  He was very happy.  Oy.

Cousins!! Fun morning at the parade.  Even Andrew is in this one!  @sweetcaroline__
Thanksgiving Parade with the family.
Jared & I :)
Jared and I at the parade.
The stockings are hung with care.  Alex is already filled with "hope that St. Nicholas soon will be" here!
The stockings are hung.  Alex checks them regularly to see if they have been filled.
My kids always have the best oral hygiene AFTER bedtime! "Mom u forgot to brush our teeth!  Ugh.
My kids have the best oral hygiene AFTER bed time.  "Mom you forgot to brush our teeth".  Ugh.  "Mom will you fossil us."  Aka "floss".
First time painting. I think she just did a taste test.  Awesome.
Addie painting for the first time.  Had a little taste test, yum.
Friendly game of Rummikub with this guy, Watching "Family Man", enjoying the fire.
Nice long weekend gave us time to relax by the fire and play a game after the kids were in bed.  :)
Is this really happening in Michigan?  So thankful for a nice walk on this gorgeous day!  Happy thanksgiving!!!
I took a walk on thanksgiving day and couldn't get over how beautiful our weather was.  Very happy.It's a little disheveled this year.  Thank you Addison Lily!
The tree.  We picked it up the day after Thanksgiving.  We actually got a great deal because it was Black Friday.  It was the only shopping we did that day.
First ever attempt at a lattice pie crust.  I'm hoping it bakes up a big prettier. But proud of the accomplishment nonetheless.
Made a lattice pie crust for the first time.  I felt accomplished.  :)
Prov. 28:14 (the msg.) Staying tender- hearted is no easy thing.
Read this, this week.  I liked the reminder.  I am naturally a pretty sensitive person.  I often try and hold that back.  It is hard to stay tenderhearted but that's what God wants from us.  Tenderhearted and open to his words and will.
Went to look at Christmas lights tonight.  This is what Alex wants next year #timetoupourgame
We also looked at Christmas lights and THIS is what Alex wants us to do next year.  Uh.  We need to up our game apparently.  Just to be clear, this will NOT be happening.  #MommyandDaddyareBoring We like white lights  but don't plan to do too many of them.  Of course Jared told him the classic "Dad" line:  "When you get older and buy a house you can put up all of those lights."  Ha, ha.  We are getting so old.  :)

So that is my last couple of weeks in a nutshell minus all of the crazy realities of life that we tend to avoid here on the internet.  :)  Ha!

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