Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Thanksgiving

We had a really nice Thanksgiving Weekend.  We enjoyed the traditional feast with Nani and Papa and Linda.  We watched movies.  Went on some walks (gorgeous weather here).  Laid around.  Bought and decorated our Christmas tree.  Drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  Went to see "Wreck It Ralph".  It was just good family fun.  Thoroughly enjoyed.  Thoroughly needed.
The boys had their Thanksgiving "feast" at school on Wednesday.  I was so thankful that Aunt Mimi came and stayed with Addie so I could be part of their day.
Big surprise they wanted to be different.  An Indian and a pilgrim.
Look at this goofball.  I love Papa laughing at him in the background.  Classic Eli moment.  The boys ate so many crackers, cheese and summer sausage that they truly skipped the meal altogether.
I enjoyed making the table pretty.  Jared bought the turkey pre-cooked (love that man!).  Mom made the ham and potatoes.  I did the other sides and the pies.  Linda brought the ever-famous appetizers.  Good food.  Too much of it as always.
On the twine were things we are thankful for.
Poor Addie NEVER gets ANY attention.  *wink, wink
We have ridiculous amount of things to be thankful for this year and always.  We thank God who is the giver of all of these thing and we are completely humbled by all of it.  God is good. All. the. time.

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