Friday, November 2, 2012


life rearranged

Here are my last couple of weeks of cell phone/instagram (roddfam5) pics. beckysiphone 1475
A B-day Party for Tanner.  I love watching Addie and the boys interact with their 5 children. It is like the best play date EVER.  You have so many fun friends to choose from.  :)
beckysiphone 1496
Pretty Pumpkins
beckysiphone 1497
Last day of Occupational Therapy until we find out if  there will be more in December.
beckysiphone 1498
"Mom, get a picture of me by the pumpkins".  Alex totally "gets" the picture taking thing.
beckysiphone 1516
A pretty day with my Adds.
beckysiphone 1527
As I was snapping a picture of Eli in his headdress I realized he didn't have his glasses on.  This was the face he made when I asked him where they were.  :)  They were missing for several days after this pic only to be found next to his bed by his dear brother Alex.
beckysiphone 1531
Cold, windy, wet, morning and I was feeling spoiled in my warm house with Addie on my lap.
beckysiphone 1537
My make-shift Princess Leia costume.  The boys LOVED it.  I was just trying to prove that I could do the hair and they insisted that I wear it  for Halloween.  I did.
beckysiphone 1539
Bread, completely intimidates me but I watched this video and forced myself to give it a try but only after calling my sister Molly for back-up.  We had fun making it and laughed at our lack of skill quite a bit but it turned out beautifully.
beckysiphone 1542
Addie painting her HI (hearing impaired) therapist's nails with dry-erase marker.  The woman is so kind to our girl.
beckysiphone 1543
Screen shot of a November challenge to list 3 things you are thankful for during the month of November based upon her prompts. @annvoskamp
beckysiphone 1544y

Morning walk with my Addie and her baby.  I was attempting to work off some of the Halloween candy I'd been snacking on all morning.  Do the really tiny candy bars count??? Nah!

Happy Friday to all!  Enjoy!

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