Friday, November 16, 2012

Finally, Halloween.

The story in pictures:
This is how the night started.  Addie woke from her nap and didn't even want her fairy gear on.  We let her lay with Daddy a while and figured running late is better than having a crabby 2 year old.  So glad we did because she LOVED the rest of the night!
The classic sibling pic.  Should I be concerned that Alex (AKA Darth Vader) is about to "off" her with his light saber? Brothers.
I told the boys my hair was long enough to do Princess Leia hair.  At lunch I threw on a sheet and showed them.  They LOVED it and really wanted me to wear it for Halloween.  I did.  It was fun.  I haven't dressed up in, hmmmm?, 20 years or so.  At least not that I can remember.
Jared was going to wear our other Darth mask but it didn't work so he opted for Spiderman.
Her first year trick-or-treating.  She would have done each and every house that the boys did but she was frozen solid so I took her back to the house.
We then headed to church for our harvest festival.  Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday, we did both my sister's party and the church one.  The pic below is of my niece Bella with Addie.  She said to me after we took the picture.  "She is the princess, but I am still the queen."  It was SO funny.  She wanted to let her place in the family be known.  Actually she probably was just referring to their costumes, but it was funny!
Here are a couple more of the cousins at the church party.  None of them we actually looking at the camera except for Colin but I had to add it because when we got home Alex and Eli insisted that Celia was a banana.  I assured them that she was mustard.  Of course as any parent of 5 year olds knows, I was wrong. :)
So there you have it.  Such a fun filled night.

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