Thursday, December 6, 2012

Twin Moment

I honestly don't think about the boys being twins a whole lot anymore. In fact I mentioned to a seller at the Mom 2 Mom sale that I had to find two of a particular super hero shirt if I bought one because I have twins and my sister said "That sounds so funny to hear you say you have twins. I forget." I actually like that. When you have twins you worry that they will always be seen through the "twin lens". They are not. They are such individuals no one could ever lump them into the same person. That I am confident of. However, looking at this picture I see a twin moment. I missed taking a pic of what happened two seconds before. I was busy in the kitchen and glanced into the front room to see them lounging like they are in the pic except their heads were leaned against one another. Alex had just given Eli a peck on the cheek. Now if that doesn't fill a Mama's heart with joy I don't know what will. Love these two. My twins. IMG_8519

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