Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I haven't posted in a little bit because quite frankly it felt weird to do so. We received news last week that our nephew Teddy's MRI didn't go well.  The cancer is back.  With news like this every thing else going on seems ridiculous.  I remember this feeling when the boys were born.  I remember looking at other people while I was driving to the NICU to see my critically ill infants, two of them, and thinking "Wow, those strangers are just going about their day.  They are probably headed to work.  Doesn't the world know that it should be stopping?  I need it to stop, so I can breathe and try to cope with this."  I am guessing that Steve and Laurel are feeling this way.  The world doesn't stop and we must trudge through but that doesn't make the trudging easy or even bearable.

Jared took the boys to church and I am home with crabby Addie.  I always have the best intentions on Wednesdays but often Addison doesn't make it through dinner without her "I am tired and want to be in bed" meltdowns.  So, I spent some time in prayer for my family.  I don't do it often enough that is for sure.  Jared questioned recently whether or not they would do another MRI before putting Teddy's port in to make sure the cancer is still there.  He is believing in a VERY BIG GOD and would love to see a miracle. It definitely convicted me.  Am I believing in such a big God that would take the cancer away before the chemo even began?  I should be.

We want Teddy to be healed of this, of course.  That is our prayer.  We have plans to see him and Laurel and Steve, Nathanael and Allie and for that we are very grateful.

As for the plan, they have a long drive ahead of them to have Teddy's port put back in surgically.  He will receive chemo through it for the next year. Steve wrote about how they made this drive last week with Teddy's wheelchair so that they could take it to someone else who needed it. I am sure they never expected to be returning now and starting this long journey again.  Please keep them in your prayers.

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