Friday, December 3, 2010

A Reminder for those in the Trenches


I needed to be reminded of this today. "The days (of parenting) are long, but the years pass quickly." I added "Be a good otward" (actually it says "steward" but now that I am looking at it I needed to re-write it. :)

When I was in the hospital and the boys would come visit, they had fans. The nurses LOVED them. Most of the nurses were about 10-15 yrs older than Jared and I and would tell us how much we need to love this time because they are going to grow up REALLY fast. Most of them were dealing with teenagers and planning graduation parties and adding a teen to their car insurance (warning: start saving now b/c this is apparently pretty expensive) or sending them off to college. They were kind of sad about how quickly the years had passed and wished that their sons still ran up to them and gave them giant bear hugs like mine did each visit. This has really stuck with me.

Right now the boys are a real challenge. Nap times are obsolete although we do have rest/quiet time it is not the same as getting a quiet break without trips to the potty and lots of questions that require my attention. Tantrums are back with a vengence and oh yeah, I have a soon to be 5 month old. Although, she seems to be the easy one she still needs to be fed and taken care of. :) My days are loooooooooooooooooooong but it won't be long before:

they won't BEG to go to Nani's with us to decorate the tree

my angel

(all of the ornaments were in one spot but we managed to only break one)

They won't always crawl into Daddy's lap and ask for a book to be read.


They won't always ask for you to color with them

draw with me

They won't always stare in wonder at the first snowflakes of the season and want to go outside and catch them (only to want to come in 2 minutes later b/c they are cold).

They are never going to have their first laugh out loud moment like Addie girl had last night. So cute.

Their boo-boos won't always be healed by a kiss from Mom and Dad.

They won't always think that the coolest thing to do on the weekend is to build trains with Daddy or watch a movie with their parents.

I know these moments will be replaced with first dates and diplomas, etc., etc., and that will be exciting but it is ALL going to fly by too quickly and this is what sometimes gets me through a rough day, or week as the case may be.

So to my sweet children, you are driving me crazy but I am determined to love you through it and soak up every ounce of these, long but fleeting, days.

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Liz said...

thanks for this reminder. I feel like I need nanny 911 most days. UGH! I will truly miss these days once they pass.