Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lots on my mind today

First of all I have things on my mind because I actually have TIME TO THINK. The boys "rest" time has turned into lengthy naps for the past 2 days!! It is making me thankful for these dreary, dark, cold days. (Talk to me in February and I will be singing a different tune.) It is also making me want to curl up in this warm cozy house and rock some bunny slippers like Miss Addie did this morning. I actually put them on to warm her cute little feet but she enjoyed looking at them which was a bonus.


For some reason today I am thinking about last Christmas. Jared and I thought we kept things really simple as far as gifts for the boys go. We started with the wooden train sets from Nani and Papa and that is as far as we got. When we even suggested that they open something else they cried. I love that. Well, I didn't love it when I wanted them to open gifts because I had this pre-conceived notion of what the day should be but once I chilled out I loved it. I love that as little boys they were saying, "this is enough". I hope this year we will succeed at keeping it simple.

The below picture was an outtake from pictures I took of Addie for our Christmas card. Yay, Christmas card-DONE!


The boys wanted in on the action. This is just such a classic sibling photo.


Had Girl's Night last night and had a lot of fun. We could not all be more different but we have such a blast when we are together and I literally spit out coffee laughing at these girls.

We may still close next week. AHHHHHH! I am excited because we are in such limbo. It is kind of a crazy time to be moving. We haven't put up a tree and the boys keep asking when we are going to. I think we are going to borrow a fake one this week and let them throw a few ornaments on it temporarily. We will see.

We had our home inspection today and we rocked it. Jared maintains our home so nicely. I am proud of him. We had 3 things on the list that are tiny. One for instance is label the circuit box (I think that is what it is called.) When we moved in we had a two page list of things to do just to give you an idea of what we were expecting. We are thrilled.

Anyways, life is crazy as usual and these are my thoughts for the day. Umm, I guess I should get packing! :)


briana said...

cute pics!! BTW, i'm stealing that sweater from addie-do you think it'll fit me??

Liz said...

I LOVE Addie's purple sweater! Looks like Alex wants to feed her some bananas! LOL Hey, I don't think you have ever mentioned any jealousy issues or behavior changes with the boys that might happen when there is a new addition to the family. Did/do they have any of that? I cannot image what Kaylie would be like. She is jealous enough when Ryan gets some snuggle time.