Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookies 2010

I believe I have mentioned in years past that I am the worlds worst cookie decorator. THE WORST! I swore I would never again attempt sugar cookies however.....I have made an ammendment to that rule. I will now make sugar cookies when I have assistants. :) Amanda and Andrew, Nani and Papa all came over and helped decorate the tree and we made cookies.

I don't have pics of the finished product but they were pretty and delicious. It was my first time "baking" (refrigerated cookie dough) in my new kitchen. It was an adventure and all went well once I remembered how to use the oven. I definitely think this will have to be a yearly tradition.

I was feeling cocky due to the pretty cookies and attempted them again for the boys Cubby Christmas party. They did NOT look the same. I am definitely the problem. :) I am o.k. with that.


little li

cookies 2010


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