Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010


I love Christmas morning. I love being home with the boys, the jammies, the excitement, the yummy breakfast. Love it. The past 2 years we have invited Nani and Papa over for Christmas morning to watch the boys open gifts. This year they went a little crazy with the gifts and the boys got ponies (stuffed ones) that they can ride. It was fun to watch their excitement.

We had breakfast, opened gifts and spent the rest of the day watching them play with them. Perfect day.


Alex saw this cat piano in a catalog weeks before Christmas and when you asked what he wanted he kept this same answer. I found it at Target and the rest is history. I love the smile on Jared's face as he watches him open the ONE thing he wanted.


as is usually the case, he has hardly played with that :)

pure joy

Eli's face in this picture is priceless


here is Eli reading the Bible pop-up books that I got from a lady at church at the Mom2Mom sale for $1

there are 4 of them and they are a HUGE hit

total investment $4

isn't that hysterical

Christmas evening we went to my sister Molly's house and had dessert and we had a great time.

This year we led up to Christmas by telling the boys that Jesus' Birthday was coming, was tomorrow, etc. So when I mentioned it to Eli on Christmas day he said "where is his cake?" (the boy will always find an angle for baked goods, not sure where he got that from) :) I said we would have dessert at Aunt Molly's.

When she got the pies out I mentioned that if they had a candle we could celebrate Jesus' Birthday. Uncle Jack found a princess candle and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was a sweet moment that I will not forget.

When I told Eli we were going to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus he said "Where is he?" and when we lit the candle Bella said "I will blow out the candles because Jesus doesn't know how".

I often in my life think of what must amuse Jesus as he delights in his children and I have to think that gave him a good chuckle!

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tbonegrl said...

We sang as well and I made coffee cake and we had it for the birthday celebration Christmas morning!