Saturday, June 12, 2010

27 weeks tomorrow

That is where I am currently at in this pregnancy. The past couple of days my BPP (biophysical profile) has been encouraging. The BPP looks at her movement, both gross and fine motor, her lungs and the fluid level. She has 30 minutes to do both types of movement for 30 consecutive seconds and the same applies to her lung function. They want her to breathe (without Mommy's help, because she can totally rely on me still) for 30 consecutive seconds and if she doesn't accomplish this than she doesn't pass her test. So far our little student has passed all of her BPP with a whopping 8 out of 8. That is our little scholar. ;) The doppler on Thursday and Friday showed blood flow where there was once an absence of diastolic flow. This is a good thing. It can continue to ebb and flow but I will take it. My fluid level (amniotic fluid around the baby) has lowered but it is not dangerous to her at this point.

The additional factors (yes, there are more) are the pre-eclampsia which at this point is still mild. Monday they will run labs and repeat all of the above tests which will give us another picture as to how we will proceed. On Tuesday I will be 27 weeks 2 days which is the day in my pregnancy with Alex and Eli that I delivered. Knowing that gives me mixed emotions. It was such a difficult road but they came through it so beautifully. I would love to delay the birth for weeks and so far I've made it but it is a rollercoaster ride to say the least. Thankfully I know that God holds my tomorrow not all of the tests and their results.

Jared is holding up and so are the boys. I miss my babies but see them almost daily. We are hanging in there with the help of so many of our loved ones. I will update with more results Monday evening I am assuming.

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KJ said...

So glad to hear that you are still chugging along! We will continue to pray for each milestone!