Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Updates on things you probably didn't need to be "updated" on :)

So I have mentioned a few things on my blog as of late and I thought I should do an update.

30 Day Shred
Well, I must say I had to take a break due to a hip injury (stop laughing I am serious) and didn't quite get back on the wagon. It hurt to walk or stand for 2 days and then for the next couple it hurt to work out therefore I fell of the bandwagon. As far as the video I really do like it so here is the good and the bad as told by a 33 year old woman with an apparently 95 year old hip:

Good: I like the different levels, and when I say levels I refer to 1 and 2 because 3 is EVIL and I did 1/2 of it. The different options seem to ensure that it doesn't get too boring. It is a lot of cardio smooshed into 27 minutes (I will get to the minute thing in the BAD) and well, you gotta love that. I did notice that the cardio was getting easier and that my legs and arms got stronger. Unfortunately, I did not measure so I have no idea if inches were lost.

BAD: They lie and it is not 20 minutes it is 27. The first time I did it I was at 19 minutes and thrilled to be almost done and that is when the betrayal was realized. Hmm, so not cool, Jillian! Speaking of Jillian, she needs to invest in some more supportive work out gear (watch and you will know of what I speak). She also uses annoying phrases like "phone it in" all.the.time. I also did NOT lose the "up to 20 lbs" in a month. I didn't plan to but hoped for maybe 1/2 that. NOPE. I am guessing that I had to change my eating habits. Who knew?? O.K. I did :) Bummer!

All in all it is a great work out and one that I will continue but not daily because it is a little hard on the joints and I have to start training for a 5k that I promised Steph I would do with her. It is in 1 month. Pray for me!

Big Boy Beds

After almost selling my children on Craigslist for a REALLY GOOD DEAL they decided to succumb to staying in their beds. So we only had ONE really, really, really, (you get the picture or should I add one more? O.k.) REALLY bad nap time and we haven't had any more problems. I don't know what happened I am just glad that it did.

Growing up!

Since I last posted I have also turned 33! I cannot believe it. The boys didn't get the memo yesterday that it was Mommy's Birthday so it was a pretty rough day. Alex and Eli are both getting BOTH of their lower canine teeth and it is NOT going well. I tried to call Jared to beg him to relieve me (which I have NEVER, not even in the infant stage, done unless it was a medical emergency) but our phone, cable and internet were not working. How does one survive this you may ask???? I hopped in the car and headed to my sisters where she somehow managed to cheer me up with caffeine, chocolate and one of our favorite shows that she had dvr'd. God bless her! I found it interesting that once in the car Alex was fine. Not a tear, not a whine, FINE!

On the way home I dropped off a video at the library which upset Eli because we didn't go in and he cried the remainder of the way home UNTIL we saw the train and he stopped. Then the train passed by and he cried because the train was done. I tried to explain that I don't personally control the train but he didn't care and he was ticked!

So there you have it, I just thought you might like to see what I am up against because I often focus on the fun and for good reason BUT let me tell you there are some challenging days that leave me gasping for air! :)


Liz said...

Happy belated birthday!

Hang in there!

SaraBelle said...

Happy belated birthday!

And I am with you on the shred . . . 90% of the time I mute it because I cannot stand to listen to Jillian. And I agree that they LIE about the lenght of the workout . . . so yeah, the actual 'work out' part may be 20 min but when you add in the cool down & warm up it is MUCH longer! :)

My goal is to do it every day in June (but I only stay on Level 1 . . . I tried level 2 this week and it scared me).

monica said...

Happy belated birthday also!
Oh the things that get kids to start tantrums ... is funny. Sometime I just have to laugh at them. We are in that same place right now, just this morning on our way to school, we stopped by the sheep (which are in the pen by the road - at the local high school), but there's a signal there that I had to stop at, Chase was all excited got to see sheep walking around. Then of course the signal turn green, I went to drive away and then he started screaming "I need to see sheep". Nice I tried to explain that I couldn't sit there all day, but it didn't matter. In the end, he got over it!

Just wanted you to know that you are so not alone on this!