Thursday, June 4, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Raiding the refrigerator after bath time. These boys are OBSESSED with YoBaby Yogurt.

Additions to the Alex and Eli Dictionary

"bat yard"~ backyard
This is mentioned each and every time we pull into the driveway. They LOVE their "bat yard" and would live out there if I didn't make them come inside every once in a while.

"I cubba you"
They want you to put their covers on them for nap or bed time. I always say lay down and I'll cover you and I guess that is where the phrase was born.

Usually repeated over and over until you give them a little bit of assistance.

Alex has started addressing me when he speaks and it melts. my. heart. Example: I love you, Mommy. Thank You, Mommy. I sorry, Mommy.

Eli is constantly curious about the moon's location in the middle of the day. "Where's moon? Where's moon?" Me: It's on the other side of the world right now. "Where's moon?" Me: you can't see it right now honey. "Where's moon? where's moon?" Me: The moon is taking a nap! Would you like to take a nap???

It also amazes me how they look out for one another. I have heard them several times lately ask each other: "You, O.k.?"

Eli also was looking for Alex in the back yard and said "LEX, where are you?" This is a good thing since he has been calling him Li-Li for quite a while now. As I mentioned before that is Eli's nickname and Eli KNOWS Alex's name he just chooses to call Alex by his own nickname.

So I am keeping track of all these things for my boys to see someday. They are probably not exciting for the average reader but this blog is really all about them :) Love you guys!

That's Mommy to you!


m&nmom04 said...

Ahhh! Thats so sweet. Its a great idea to keep up with all the little comments they are saying these days. Otherwise, it would be too easy to forget. VERY precious!
Thanks for sharing!

Following Him said...

Cool...@ least they don't climb the fridge to get the yogurt! So cute how they say cover too!

Dejoni said...

My youngest said "bat yard" too!! Your babies are gorgeous.

Debbie said...

How adorable! I love that photo of them in the fridge. They'll look similar to that as teens too:)

tbonegrl said...

I think those stories are so cute!!!

lorelailette♚ said...

so sweet how even at that age, boys know where the fridge is!