Saturday, June 6, 2009

Simply Saturday

Tonight we have experienced what some may call a "set back". I choose to call it a nightmare personally! The boys have spent the last hour climbing in bed, out of bed, onto the train table in their room, opening the shades, playing with their farm, etc., etc., etc., Jared wasn't home so I was left to deal with the insanity.

I went in for the millionth time to find both of them doing this:

and saying "Luke! I am your father" O.k., kidding about that part but they were yelling into the fan and giggling. I didn't get a picture of both of them doing it because Eli was smart enough to dive towards a bed when I went to get the camera.

I am convinced that I survive these stressful moments because there are moments like these:

Eli sleeping with his butt straight up in the air. Seriously, how is that comfortable?

Both of them giggling on the porch on a bright, yet cool Spring day.

Or today when Alex was mowing the "grass" (carpet) completely naked, following his bath!

and last but not least when I just went into the boy's room to tell them goodnight and I kissed Eli and said "I love you and you need to stay in bed and listen to Mommy and Daddy" to which he replied "o.k. gimmee five" I did and he said "gimmee knuckles" I pounded his little fists like he asked and then I kissed his sweet, stubborn, defiant, little, two year old, face and thanked God for these simple moments that make all the insanity worth it.


LauraC said...

This is so funny to me bc there is NOTHING in my boys' room. They lost ALL privileges to anything. Literally the only things in their room are:

*dresser, bolted to the wall, with dresser locks so they can't climb the shelves or pull everything out
* locked closet
* windows with window locks
* picture frames with plastic covers instead of glass
* video monitor so I can see their antics

THAT IS IT. Too many things to distract them otherwise.

Alicia said...

such a cute post! your boys are adorable!! my boys are doing the same thing in their room right now! playing and climbing and jumping... everything but sleeping!! thanx for the blog love!

Kari said...

Aw, they are SO cute! These are things that I have to look forward too! haha You make it sound so fun! Boy, I'm going to be busy! =)

Lanie said...

Awww! So frustratingly cute! Thanks for stopping by today!

Stephanie said...

Naptime!! I love it, they don't! They will get it soon. The summer will give them lots of chances to wear themselves out. Perfect naptime's. Isn't summer grand! Let's get together this week, and we will let them jump on the trampoline!!! Talk to you soon!

Melissa B. said...

LOVE all these Superior Snaps! Cruising by from SITS and just sharing a bit o' Comment Love this morning!

Veggie Mom said...

Hey there, SITSta! These kiddos are adorable...thought I'd start off the morning with a little hollaback from SITS!

Charlene said... precious are those babies...take it from a mother of two grown boys..record every one of these moments on your heart for as hair-pulling, nerve-wracking, exaperating as they are...they go too quickly.

cat said...

Oh cute little boys! The transition to beds is always a bit hairy - and to think I still have to do it again. I love the way they sleep on their knees and tummies - mine do too!

Chaotic Creations by Kristen said...

Uh...all my fears!! Basically in the last week my 2.5yr old daughter has woken up with a stiff neck, soar knee and spindle pressed forehead b/c she's too big for the crib but I don't trust her to make the change to the "big girl bed" me anxeity just thinking about it! LOL!!!
Great Post...I wish us both luck!
Thanks for stopping by today! ;O)

monica said...

Oh such a cute post! I know how they can be so sweet and innocent one moment and the next its opposite!

Becky said...

I love the butt in the air sleep sons used to do that all the time {{sigh}}