Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Week

The Good, The Bad and The Random

My beautiful niece, Kayla Morgan, was born last Wednesday. Seriously isn't she precious?

The boys discovered that our bookshelf was for a lot more than holding books. This of course got ugly when they both wanted to climb through at the same time.

The boys discovered "dipping". Anything dipped in ketchup or chocolate sauce tastes better. The first pic displays their reaction when Daddy and I decided that they had had enough ketchup. The second pic is Eli sporting a "stache". Very "Tom Selleck" don't you think?

We took the boys to the museum and let them walk around (rather than be in the stroller). They were in toddler heaven. They also raced cars down the track but soon discovered that is worked better as a slide. Jared enjoyed watching the boys run around because he and his older brother used to go to this museum and one of his favorite memories is of his brother and him taking off their shoes, running as fast as they could and sliding down the empty corridors in their socks. I plan to let Jared re-live this with the boys when they get older. I will be NOWHERE in sight :)

And last but not least...Sunday Morning while getting ready for church Alex decided why take off your clothes before you get into the tub??

It's only Tuesday but it has been a great week. The weather here in Michigan is so nice. Today is actually supposed to reach 60 degrees and I have been able to walk outside the past 2 days. It really does a lot to lift the spirits. My window is open as I type and a lovely breeze is drifting in while the boys sleep. I love my life!! This is definitely one of those days that I feel spoiled.


Rachael said...

heehee, i love the fully clothed bathtub pic :)

i am loving this weather too!

Liz said...

Love the tub picture too! I hear you about the nicer weather too, but it's not quite 60 here yet! Maybe it's coming our way soon! Congrats on the new niece.

Patricia said...

Yes dipping is a favorite activity in our house as well. I've even become adventurous trying bbq sauce(they love it).
So glad that your weather is nice. We've also had beautiful weather that allowed for a lot of outside time. Yeah!!!!