Saturday, February 21, 2009

22 Months Old!

3 days ago! Yes, I apparently blogged about my bloggiversary and not their 22 month accomplishments. What does that say about me? Ahh, whatever!

I seriously cannot believe it. My babies are going to be two ! This time has flown by. It is going to feel even sooner when we have their party at then end of March because my in-laws are going away for the month of April. I need to start party planning. We are going to do something small at our house so the planning will be minimal. I am not sure how I drifted into party planning but my point is TWO they are going to be TWO! Wooo, I need to take deep breaths. How weird am I that this affects me? I don't know if it is because Jared and I (barring a miracle) are finished having babies or what, but each stage I look forward to watching them grow, of course, but there is always this part of me that struggles with the fact that they aren't babies anymore. I always tell Jared I feel that we missed those first months with them when they were in the NICU. He always reminds me that we actually gained 3 months of time to spend with them because they shouldn't have been here yet. I love his perspective. Thank God he keeps me from going off the deep end with my crazy thinking.

So the boys are doing a lot of funny new things. They are obsessed with Bawneee (aka Barney), ooh possible B-day theme. I am not a big fan of "character" b-days but now I know why parents do it. The boys would FLIP OUT if we had Bawnee decorations. Sorry, need to focus on posting, not party planning. They climb on everything. They help clean by putting their cups and bowls in the sink. Now if I could just teach them to do the dishes. They are so proud of themselves for their daily accomplishments. They enjoy coloring although I think Eli enjoys it most. They love to strum Daddy's guitar but Alex is the king of this one. He actually drug it out recently and sang jibberish songs while strumming for Nana, Papa and myself. Eli prefers drumming. They melt my heart with "I love you's" and kisses that involve slime and spit(glamorous I know). They love their Daddy and today when he pulled into the driveway and I told them "Daddy's home" they clapped their hands and yelled "yay"!!! They play hard like little boys should and I flinch at it but will let them be boys. During their wrestling they usually are annoyed at first with one another and then start to laugh as the other pushes them around. Weird??!! Boys??!!

Anyways here is there 22 month "couch pic". I, as mentioned last month, gave up on the "chair pics" but happened to snag this one when they were a bit under the weather and watching everyone's favorite purple dinosaur. Caus' he is special, special everyone is... oops, that is seriously how my brain works nowadays. I was singing "mac n' cheese, mac n' cheese, 3 times daily pretty please" earlier. Ugh! For those of you lucky enough not to have a TV this post probably won't make a lot of sense. :)

Right now couch=blanket. This morning I sat on the couch with my coffee and Eli brought me a blanket. When they sit on the couch to watch TV or read a book they yell "Blanket!" A bit demanding, yes, but so cute.

By the way thanks for all of the kind comments on my bloggiversary!


Following Him said...

Just curious...what do their shirts say? They are just precious!

Becky said...

Elyse~ Thanks and their shirts say "If you think I'm cute you should see my twin". We got them at Babies R Us. We couldn't resist.

cat said...

Becky, great to meet you! Thanks for popping in. Will bookmark your blog immediately. Your boys are adorable - gosh, and they were tiny at birth. Yah, I know ALL ABOUT BARNEY. My daughter was obsessed! And I refused to do a Barney Bday but had enough other themes that she loved (she had teddies for her 2nd). But do it, because you're special! And they are 2!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Our boys are into Barney as well. It all started when I bought them a Barney toothbrush--they hadn't even watched tv at that point in their life...and now look at what I've created. I remember hearing about Barney when I was in college and always swore that my kids would never watch it...a purple dinosaur?!? PLEASE! And now look at Barney lovers! Ack!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh my goodness! They are so sweet, I could eat them with a spoon. BTW, my 3 year old gets VERY upset when I say that. She is extremely literal and really thinks I am going to eat her baby sister with a spoon. so what do I do? I say it more, because I think it's funny and apparently I am a mean mommy!

Becky said...

Amanda~ So mean! That is actually really cute. I just asked another blogger if I could kiss their child's cheeks. I swear they were the sweetest chubbiest things you've ever seen. :)