Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm the "healthy" one!

Yep, unfortunately I am the one. The healthy one. I know this sounds crazy but sometimes it seems a bit glamorous to be the only sick one in the house and not the aforementioned. I rarely get sick. I do unfortunately get nasty headaches as do the rest of the ladies in my family but for the most part (minus the plague of 2008) I am a healthy girl. In my fantasy though I am just lying around reading or flipping mindlessly through channels all day without a responsibility or care in the world. I leave out the fact that when you are actually sick you feel, SICK.

This week Jared is sick, Alex is sick and Eli is sick. This means Mommy is exhausted. I am feeling the weight of it that is for sure. When praying with the boys at dinner last night I thanked God that most of the time Daddy is healthy and we didn't usually feel this crappy. I don't think I used that word exactly but it put things into perspective. Life has difficult moments but let's face it having colds is not really one to spend to much time complaining about. I caught myself twice this week complaining to my sister about how tired I was. Unfortunately I chose the sister with a 2 week old to complain to. First of all WHAT WAS I THINKING and secondly I didn't get much sympathy. :) I am getting a break tomorrow and going to work out while Nana and Papa come over and stay with the boys and then Thursday night I am doing another work out led by my Pastor while Jared stays with the boys. Yep, I did say my Pastor. How cool is that? I may not be saying it was cool Thursday evening but for now it "seems" cool.

Other than this I had a funny moment with Eli last night. The boys ate rice and quesadillas for dinner and I let them feed it to themselves. Needless to say the floor was a mess and then when one of them "accidentally" knocked their plate off the table it became worse. As I was getting Eli out of his booster seat he kept saying "oh sosh, OH Sosh, Oh sosh!" I was laughing and couldn't figure out what he was saying until moments later I looked at the floor and said "Oh my Gosh". Apparently Mommy had been unconsciously saying this while looking at the mess I had to tackle after they went to bed! He's a funny one. I am just thankful he doesn't repeat EVERY word he hears, although recently he said one of those too.

Picures of the reason that I was saying "oh my gosh". The top one cracks me up. My weird son is trying to get rice stuck to his face. The night before it was his hair that he was purposely putting food in. Eli calls out for peace!

They are very excited to be able to climb up into the kitchen chairs. It's the little things in life, they say!


Mariah said...

love the pics. i think i am sick now as well. stupid cold, upper resp infection, pneumonia, whatever it may end up being. gotta love february!

Mommyof3 said...

My girls have it also. Drew has had a fever for 4 days now and the doctor said it can last up to 7 days!! Ugh... Well at least they aren't puking and pooping:) It could always be worse but it is tiring for mommy. MckMama posted this today:

"Our purpose should really not be in trying to avoid life's challenging moments, but rather in learning to become more Christ-like as we weather those hard times, for they will come."

I'm trying...

Good Luck,

Liz said...

oh no! I hope everyone rebounds quickly! It stinks to be the one taking care of all the crankies in the house (DH included!)

I hate giving the kids rice!! It's so hard to clean up but they LOVE the stuff.

I want my kids to talk so badly...it's so cute when they repeat you....well, sometimes right? I'd settle for that though at this point :) and :(

Becky said...

Ugh, looks like everyone has something gross. I hope that everyone feels better soon.

Liz-don't worry you are going to have those toddlers who NEVER stop talking before long.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What little cuties they are! Hope everyone is feeling better at your house soon!


Becky said...

Thanks Amanda!