Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Ba-ACK!

The stomach flu was feeling generous toward our family this year and has decided to pay an extra visit. I am not even going to complain because this is Michigan and if you aren't currently sick you were last week or you will be tomorrow. This time of year is a bit rough in our neck of the woods. The boys have been sleeping for 3 and a half hours and I am playing the game of: Do I go in? Do I let them sleep? Are they O.K.? Hmm I'll choose let them sleep. The affected laundry is washed and the house is disinfected. I should be sleeping because who knows what tonight will bring but unfortunately I am not a good napper. I have to say so far (day 1) this time around hasn't been as bad as November. I am sure a huge part of that is that I am not as sick as I was then but I also think it helps that I have some type of reference point. I was a rookie to this mess in November and as I said then I now have the "I survived" badge. :)

Alex has been doing really well the past couple of months and has just been using his binky for naps and night time but today he "fell off the wagon". Notice he has one in each hand also. I am pretty sure the poor kid hasn't even uttered a word the entire day and he only got off the couch twice the entire morning.

Eli is just really enjoying the fact that he has been able to watch PBS all morning. I think he believes he is in some type of TV heaven and keeps waiting for Mommy to say "Bye-bye Barney" or "Bye-bye Elmo". Little does he know he will have a free pass today.

So that is the state of my Mommy World currently. Here's to hoping Spring hurries along :)


Liz said...

oh no!!! here's to a quick recovery!!

Stephanie said...

I am sorry. What a bummer! We don't have the stomach bug, but we have everything else. Tanner looked at me this morning like, "Mom, make it stop hurting" It breaks your heart. I am wasted. I will pray for you! Get rest whenever you can get it in. Winter can't last forever, right!

Patricia said...

Hoping for a speedy recovery!!! We haven't had any stomach bugs yet and hopeful ly we can keep it that way! I am familiar with the free tv pass though (we've used it a couple of times when snot and clinginess reached their peak).

Becky said...

Thanks for the well wishes ladies! Each day is slightly better than the last.