Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines Day! I am having a good day thus far. We are being pretty low-key around here. We spent the morning hanging out with the boys. I made rice krispy chocolate covered heart treats (that was a mouthful and mine weren't half as pretty as Joy's) that I saw on Joy the Baker's blog (New blog I found and LOVE however it will not be helpful in the weight loss department. Check out my personal faves thus far here and here. BTW when I say favorites I don't mean to imply that I have actually made them but don't they look like they should be favorites.) Ok sorry about the rabbit trail but unfortunately baked goods make me a bit giddy, hence my unfortunate need for weight loss. I sort of enjoy Valentines Day I must say despite it being a bit of a controversial holiday. On the news this morning they took a poll asking how many people thought it was just a "hallmark" holiday? Here is my theory. Even if it is 1) it often involves chocolate 2) it often involves gifts 3) it often involves a holiday from cooking 4) it always involves flowers and a card from Jared! Why in the world would I fight it??? HELLO!

Jared and I plan to watch part of the 1st season of Lost (His Valentines Day gift from me) tonight and eat good take out while the boys sleep. I think as Valentine's Days go it looks different for everyone. For some it involves over the top romance and that is great and for others it looks like nothing of the sort or something in between the two. Whatever, all in all I have to say I vote for many more Valentine's Days to come. I like the chance it gives you to spoil the ones you love (and to be spoiled of course).

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Rachael said...

happy valentine's day.