Sunday, February 15, 2009

4 am

Well it is now 6am and I have:
  • Given Eli a breathing treatment while watching Barney (Barney is not appropriate for a tired Mommy at 4 a.m. There should be a warning that all of the songs will stick in your head. I am currently singing "cause you are special, special, everyone is special")
  • Baked muffins
  • Ate a muffin
  • Laundry
  • Read blogs
  • Drank tea
  • Blogged this amazingly poignant post :) O.k. but I did blog.

I am just slightly annoyed at my inability to fall back to sleep and thought I would "share the love". I would be excited if I thought I could catch up on sleep during the boys nap but I will be at the after care clinic with my sickies. Here are a couple of recent pics of the boys that reminds me how much I love this Mom stuff even at 4a.m.

This is how I usually find them after "nap" acting silly and one of them is usually half dressed. Ahh, toddlers!

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