Monday, January 30, 2012

Eli- He's a funny one.

I really can't put into words the joy Eli brings me.  He is the quirkiest, funniest boy without EVER trying to be.  His latest thing is wearing ties.  We watched a video of when they were 3 and he had a tie on.  He has since wanted to wear one on most days.  Thankfully, my friend Kristina, JUST gave me a bag full of ties that were her sons because I was "tie-less".
Other than this tie obsession we are just dealing with life right now; the good, the bad, the ugly.  The bad involves Jared and I trying to get the Christmas weight gain off and get back on track...or is that "the ugly".  Not sure.  Wish us well!  :)

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Kari said...

Haven't commented in a while, but had to when I saw this picture! So cute! What a handsome little boys you have!! His obsession with ties reminds me of Evan's with hats!! :)