Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I Blog

In the spirit of a new year I started organizing pictures as I recently mentioned and started doing Project Life.  This left me wondering if blogging was overkill as far as memory preservation goes.  SO I thought I'd share why I continue to blog.

1.  I can't believe how many of the little things I have forgotten already.  Just last week I was reading an old post to Jared and we had both forgotten so many of the little things that the boys used to say.  I don't have room to write all that in my album and I'm not great at journaling on a regular basis.

2.  Because she won't always be smaller than the cabinet door.

3.  Because Alex won't always beg me to play Zingo (great game) 5x/day. Picnik collage

4.  Because Eli won't always look so adorable in his snow pants and he won't always want a pajama photo shoot. These are his most loved "square" pajamas by the way.
Picnik collage

5.  Because WAY TOO QUICKLY....
Picnik collage

Picnik collage
So for all the little moments that don't always make it into a photo album I'll continue to blog.  It is a hobby that I continue to enjoy and it has been 4 years in February!

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LauraC said...

I love the side by side pictures!! And love everything about this post!