Friday, January 6, 2012

Ahhh, date night.

Jared and I had an impromptu date night tonight. Those are the best kind and always seem to work out. We tried during his entire break to go out together and sickness kept getting in the way. Last night I said "we need a date" and he made it happen. Our niece Amanda came over and watched the kids. Yay Amanda! It was nice and now we are home and the kids, except for Alex who I can still hear playing, are asleep and we are relaxed. Ahhhh.

I decided I am not going to go back and post all the pictures that I haven't posted. That is the nice thing about starting Project Life. I don't feel the need to put so many pictures on here. I still will because I enjoy it but if I miss something like Christmas pictures because we were all under the weather, I am not real worried about it.

I have been catching up on putting all my pictures in albums and recording stories about them. I am FINALLY printing pictures at the end of each month (meaning I did it in November & December)and once I am caught up I will only be having to put one month of pictures in instead of 2 years worth. It really is such a relief because I take A LOT of pictures. A WHOLE LOT!

This has been a goal of mine forever. I just needed to find my way through all the possibilities. I aspire to someday do this system. I have been reading Laura's blog for years and we are complete opposites but I think that is why I am drawn to her blog. That and the fact that her twin boys are a year older than mine. She is completely type A and well, I am NOT. Anyways, I have taken baby steps towards my photo organization and that along with sick kids and Eli's OT has kept me from my blogging a bit.

Without further ado, here is a picture from our recent trip to The Henry Ford.THE BEST

When did my babies gets so big?  STOP THAT ALREADY!!!  Addie will be 18 months this month and the boys are going to be 5 in April.

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