Friday, January 27, 2012

Instagram Friday

life rearranged
I haven't linked up in a few weeks so some of these photos are older.  I haven't been taking many phone pics because we have been home quite a bit.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

1 & 2~  The boys started swimming in the beginning of January.  Alex is a fish.  Eli hated it at the beginning because he didn't want to let go of Daddy's neck.  3rd session-he turned a corner and now they both love it.  We will have to take a break once they are casted but hope to continue after that.
3~ Addie's teeth are in full effect.  I swear she went from none to a ton so quickly.
4~ Eli on the phone, pre-bath, as naked as a jaybird.  For some reason that just cracks me up.
5~ One night a couple of weeks ago.  Kids were in bed, Jared was at the homecoming game and I was watching Parenthood, with a brownie and tea and working on my Project Life Album. So relaxing.
6~ The boys rocking their BK crowns and trying to protect themselves from Addison.  I SWEAR she was born knowing how to punch.  She's a scrapper.

Not much planned for this weekend other than church.  Alex and Addie are getting over colds and we all actually slept through the night last night!  Yay!  First night this week.

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Holly said...

Heheh I love the BK crowns. I remember wearing those as a kid. :P