Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wee Small Hours of the Morning

I am up. It's early. The past 2 mornings I have been up around 4 A.M. We have had some accidents that require me doing laundry at 4 A.M. I am tired but every time I try to go back to sleep my quiet house calls to me. I love a quiet house sometimes. In the land of "why's" and "how's" and "when's" (any of you who have 3 or 4 year olds understand this) a quiet time when no one is asking me anything is precious. And now I'll insert the line that makes me feel better.....Not that I don't love and appreciate my sweet children, because I do. OK now I can go on. :)

It's been a rough week. Eli is in a "phase" as we parents like to call them. Alex is in the same phase but a toned down version of it right now. Eli is in the amped up, he might be possessed, version. My texts to Jared have been great. They are along the lines of: how close to home are you?, YOUR kids are driving me insane! Mama needs a break!

Jared is good about giving me those breaks. He took the boys to church on Wednesday which he does weekly and last night I had Ladies Fellowship at the church which was a welcomed break. Anyways, 4 1/2 is kicking my butt. 15 months however is a welcomed respite. Despite Addie's 4 teeth coming in at the same time, she is playing on her own a ton and is interacting with us a lot more. She's not an infant anymore. So weird.

And because a pictureless post 2 days in a row would be odd. Here is a soccer picture.
This was their last game. These are friends children who I have known for FOREVER. We have been at the same church since we were infants and went to High School together and still are at church together. It is great to have these people still in my life AND now are kids play together. The girl is my niece Alli. She is stuck with us, but I am glad my sisters are in my life still also. :)

I am still working on a soccer post but I took so many pictures I thought why not throw random soccer pictures on other posts.

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KJ said...

Keep pressing on....the phase will pass before you know it! Glad to hear Addie is passed out of the harder phase! Remember Romans 8:28...even these hard phases and early morning accidents!