Monday, October 17, 2011


We had an 8:15 am appointment this morning. Addie slept 'til 8, which she never does. I ran a bit late. The boys and I went to Barnes & Noble after where they played trains a bit and each picked a little book. They were excited. Eli attempted to read his while walking through Target. This was our 3rd stop because we needed diapers. Love Target diapers. I snagged some stretchy $1 gloves there that have skeleton bones on them. They can't wait to scare Daddy when he gets home. :)
I love these little hands (Eli) that are suddenly looking kinda big, actually.

Jared passed his head cold onto me. I don't do sick well. I am crabby. I am looking forward to naptime .
I love these ballerina jammies and that smile.

We had a busy weekend filled with soccer and church and a Senior class party and a first birthday party. Today we have 2 appointments, a soccer game and grocery shopping. Jared and I will divide and conquer for the groceries, 2nd appointment and soccer. I love that we "divide and conquer" well. Except for last night when he wanted to watch something that I didn't. I was annoyed. Did I mention that I get CRAZY crabby when I am sick? Yeah, I do. BUT, the good news is, he loves me anyways. He is cool like that.
Alex, Eli & Charlie (Alex's best friend) snuggly buggly. Eli would say "I'm as comfy as a bug" and he also says "comfy as a rose".

He got a new iphone because my electronic obsessed brother in law (whom we love) had to have the new, new one. This means Jared got the new, old, one and I got the new, older, older-ish one. I'm pretty sure that doesn't even make sense. We love hand-me-downs that are CHEAP and still new to us. IMG_3967

So that is what life looks like right now on this Monday in October. I threw in random pictures. I thought it might make reading about absolutely NOTHING a bit more interesting. These are pictures of mornings when we didn't have anywhere to be. I like these mornings. I vote for the calm. I will change my tune by December when I have cabin fever due to our winters.


Off too drink some tea and whine about my cold because I am a wimp and have LOTS more to get done today, sick or not.


Janna said...

I know I have left this comment before, but it needs to be said again, Addie is SOSOSOSOSOSO CUTE!

Liz said...

I hope you feel better fast! It's no fun when Momma is sick. The kids are adorable as always.