Tuesday, October 11, 2011

15 Months Old

I cannot believe Addison is already 15 months old. How crazy is that? She is such a good natured baby.....except when she is not. The girl has a bit of a temper. She still sleeps like a champ, taking 2 naps and sleeping 12 hours at night. She has stood on her own although she doesn't do it regularly. She is mimicking some words and mumbles conversations with you. She continues to be nosy and always has to know what is going on. She LOVES to play with her brothers and follows them from room to room. They don't mind it yet. The girl can't get enough peanut butter (soy butter, actually) and jelly sandwiches. She also loves waffles plain and cinnamon raisin bread. Do you see a carb theme?? She continues to LOVE being outside and taking walks. If we are out and about she is RARELY crabby because she loves all the non-stop action. Still not much hair but she continues to work the bald look. I can't even imagine her with hair or that she could be any cuter with it, of course, I may be a bit biased. Unfortunately, not having hair automatically means she is a boy. It doesn't matter if she is wearing a pink dress people tell me how cute my SON is. :) It is the equivalent to the advice well meaning (sometimes) people used to give me regarding twins. It is kind of annoying but at the same time amusing and it keeps things interesting. I sometimes correct them and sometimes smile and move on. What's funny is the for the older crowd "addison" is a masculine name so it still throws them even if I do tell them her name. Now THAT is fun. It is kind of like the "Pat" skit on SNL.

When I get low to the ground with my camera she crawls for it at FULL SPEED. As seen here.
and here.
She likes to hand you things like this and then snatch it right back.
She has to taste EVERYTHING.
She looks adorable in her poncho. This one dates back to my niece Bella who is 6 and it has been worn by all the neices. It may even have been Mariah's daughter, Hannah's. Not sure. Regardless it is at least 6 years old but who can resist the cuteness.

She likes to put clothes into the washing machine and take them out. She likes to do this with everything: Toys in the basket/out of the basket. Cups on the shelf/off the shelf. It is for sure her favorite game.
Another thing she reminded me of this morning is that her milk is like her "morning coffee", don't mess with her before she has it. She whines until it is in her mouth. I enter her room and pick her up, put her on the changing table and insert sippy cup. It is at this point that I see a smile just beyond that little cup.

We love this little surprise of ours. :)

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