Monday, October 24, 2011

The Week Begins

Monday. Not a good start so far. Addie's first Early On appointment was today. This is to make sure she is doing well developmentally. She was referred by our ped. for an evaluation. Long story short, nobody came. So in the midst of evals for the boys and MRI's and OT appointments and dentist appointments all of which are in the next couple of weeks I have to reschedule with someone who didn't show. YAY! Ok venting over. BUT these are the joys of preemies and this lovely system that is in place to help them. Nuff said. (I guess my venting wasn't quite over. :) )

The boys had their last soccer game this weekend. I have more pictures to share but couldn't resist this one.
Yeah, he is hugging her when he is supposed to be shaking hands. My boy has a crush. His first non-mama one, that is. Eli refers to Ayla as "the big one". To him that is a big compliment. I will have to explain that someday she may not be as thrilled to be called that. Nonetheless he keeps asking if she can come over to play. :) Cute. On a side note: He has GREAT taste. She is adorable and is THE BEST PLAYER on our team. She is seriously fun to watch. She kicks butt.

The boys were laying like this and watching themselves in the mirror after bath last night and I ran to grab my camera. I really did not pose them for these.
Picnik collage
This is one of the girls in Jared's Senior Class with Addie. These brave kids all let Adds play with their smart phones and she was in 1 year old HEAVEN!
His class is full of good kids. Being around 17 year old girls who are rockin' their skinny jeans can be a bit intimidating for a 35 year old whose had 3 kids however it was not like that at all. They are all really sweet. Even the boys were great with my kids and respectful. I think it would be fun to do an end of the year party for them here. Whaddaya think honey??? :)

Well that's the latest here. Don't forget to enter my Shutterfly giveaway. Your odds are REALLY GOOD! :)

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