Friday, April 1, 2011

the weekend

I am really happy it is Friday!!!

It's been a long week.

Both boys had SEVERE reactions to cashews.

Not peanut butter. Not walnuts. Not pecans. CASHEWS! Actually cashew (they each only had one).

Never again.

Our Monday included swelling, rashes from head to toe, vomiting and watching our kids throughout the entire night because according to the doctor anaphylactic shock can happen up to 24 hours after the initial reaction. Great.

When you have a Monday like that the week REALLY drags.


It's Friday and Jared is taking me out this weekend.

I get to go to the bookstore downtown that he and his brother have been going to, every time he comes into town, for years.

I think this may mean I am in "the club".

It sells old books and it has 5 floors.

I planned to take a lot of pictures there but alas I broke another camera.

What is wrong with me and cameras?

Forgive the ridiculous spacing in this post. I am ready to shoot blogger. :)

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