Monday, April 4, 2011

Addie's Developmental Assessment

Just realized I've yet to post pics of Addie's Appointment. We headed to the hospital that seems to be our 2nd home. The boys were there for up to 3 months, Addie for 2 and I was on bedrest there for 6 weeks. We visited the NICU, my high risk docs and my antepartum floor. It was really nice to see everyone again. When these people are your only companions for weeks on end you actually do miss them when you are discharged. It was like visiting old friends.


Kelly, on the right, was my kick-butt nurse. You needed something done, Kelly was your girl. Some nurses were so timid about paging doctors it DROVE ME NUTS. High-risk docs tend to say things like "Um, I don't like what I am seeing. Let me talk to the team, we may want to deliver you today." They sometimes say this in the morning after all of your tests and then send you back to your room. What they fail to mention is that they may mean that TOMORROW they may deliver you or in 2 weeks, either way you won't hear anything for HOURS. This is when you want a nurse on your side who has kids and realizes that you may have some arranging to do IF you are in fact delivering in an hour.

In reality the morning I delivered the decision was made about 30 minutes before I was in the OR. Jared was left scrambling to find a sitter and I had not seen him when they were wheeling me into the OR to be delivered. Once again a nurse stepped in and said "we just called her husband and he is in the elevator" to which an intern replied, "we can't wait the OR is ready" TO WHICH the awesome nurse said "We are waiting. She needs to see her husband."

I LOVE NURSES!! It was so much better to go in with Jared by my side. That nurse got it and I am thankful she did.


This is the Dr. that delivered Addie. He is a great Dr. and is very quirky. I heard him tell someone that a lot of people have compared him to the Dr. on "House". I have never seen the show but if the guy is quirky, I agree.


Sweet, nurse Amelia. She was the boy's NICU nurse and Addie's. We love our NICU too. She was the one to show Jared how to bathe our little 2 lb babies.


Addie did well on the assessment as I think I mentioned in a previous post. She needs to start sitting up but other than that she was on track. Oddly enough she likes to stand up holding onto the couch but does not sit or scoot or crawl. Crazy kid.

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Megan said...

awe i wish i had known you were there I could of said hello. I was on the same floor just in the peds section with the baby starting our 3 day ordeal. Its been a nightmare. Joshua keeps getting e coli in his bladder and we have no idea how. I had never been to Oakwood before and let me tell you THEY WERE AMAZING. We will be skipping Wyandotte for almost everything now! So glad all your kiddos are doing so well. I love reading your blog.