Saturday, April 2, 2011

You can quote me

Some of the entertaining things they've said in the past few weeks.....

"Daddy, I love you and sometimes I may get angry but I just have to get past it." Eli (Wisdom taken from one of their Larryboy videos).

"nagget!" Eli (I think this is swearing, little boy style. He says this when frustrated. A combo of dang it and darn it, if you will.)

"I'm on it". Eli (Ex. "Eli, go potty before nap". Response: "OK Mom, I'm on it".)

Are you seeing a trend here on who these quotes are mainly from. He talks all.the.time.non-stop. My brother in law was in town for the past couple weeks and stayed with us. He referred to it as a running commentary.

Recently, Jared and the boys came home from "Cubby Church". Jared threw me a bag while getting the boys out of the car. It was the "pre-school bag of shame". You know, the wet pants and undies due to an accident. I felt bad for Alex and worried about whether or not he was embarassed at having to wear the "extra pants" provided by our nursery. All this running through my head in 5 seconds. Meanwhile Alex bounds out of the car......"MOM, I got new red pants at Cubbies AND sponge Bob undawear!!!!!!" Ahhhh, crisis averted. Maybe it is a boy thing but he could not have cared less.

After their cashew reaction Eli says to me "Mom I don't eat nuts". You are right Eli, you don't so if anyone tries to give you some or asks that is what you tell them. "Mom?" Yes, Eli. "I don't eat poop either." Yep, Li-li you don't eat poop either. I walked away from this conversation a bit grossed out and strangely, relieved.

One more poop story. The boys came in from playing in the mud, which, has been there favorite past time, although, I wish my floors could say the same. He went to the bathroom and after several minutes I went to check on him. I asked whether or not he was alright and he replied "yeah, mud makes me poop".

To the squeemish, sorry about the poo stories. I have avoided them mainly on the blog but that is IMPOSSIBLE with 2, almost 4 year old boys in the house. Trust me.

Their favorite line in a book right now is "and to the tigers in the zoo Madeline just says pooh-pooh." Herer are a few more pics from the hands on museum...




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