Monday, April 25, 2011

Chickened Out Again

*I wrote this post below last week. I chickened out on pouring it all out there but am sharing now. Details regarding appointment will be below original post.

enlarged ventricle

I'm realizing that I tend to write about our trials when we are on the other side of them. Unfortunately, that is not reality because before we are on the other side of them there's the hard part.

This time I plan to share all of it. Maybe for keepsake's sake, maybe to get it out of my head and on "paper", maybe because I want more people to pray for my girl. Whatever my intention, here's the story from the beginning, when I don't know what the end will be.

My sweet little Addie girl. Has an enlarged ventricle. This usually indicates a blockage. This can mean increased pressure on the brain. To release the pressure a shunt it usually put in. She'd always have it. The pressure that may exist already can cause damage. That is what we want to avoid.

Here's the catch we can't proceed until I meet with a neurologist. I called for an appointment today and they said they could see her in JULY. Seriously? Apparently, YES.

My Dr. is trying to make it a bit quicker. That is probably prayer request 1. 2. well I am not sure what 2 is. I know that I want her to be fine.

We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves with this so the sooner the appointment the better.

I remember when Eli had fluid on his brain it was on the surface and the neurologist kept saying that is was good that it was on the surface and not in the ventricles. This is obviously not a comfort to me now. The enlarged ventricle could mean it is in fact fluid in the ventricle. There are obviously lots of "could be's".

Fast forward to today......

After I wrote that post the pediatrician called and I was supposed to call Neurosurgery not Neurology. They were able to get me in today (Monday, 25th). This was big for me. I felt like God was telling me "I got this" and I knew He did. How he would choose to "have it" I was not sure.

Sunday, the elders of the church prayed over us and Addie. It was such a huge encouragement to me and Jared.

Today, they repeated the head ultrasound (the first one was done 6 days ago). He agreed that there was fluid but he did NOT find the ventricles enlarged beyond a normal range. He wants to keep track of her head growth but he has no concern that their is pressure. We see him again in 3 months. He hopes, much like with Eli, that as her body develops it will absorb the fluid as it should.

We are relieved and thankful and in awe. This kid is making us crazy. :) I'm kidding, kind of.

Here are some pictures of the trouble maker. BTW she is 9 1/2 months old. Ridiculous.




In this bottom picture I was trying to capture one of my favorite Addie things.....her wrists. I love the fat roll on her wrists. That extra skin that she'll grow into. Uh.. Love It. Yes, I am weird.


These are phone pics again but that is all about to change. Hurry, shipment, hurry!!!


briana said...

OK, just started crying! I'm SO GLAD that God does have this! I was praying for her yesterday and had her and you on my mind today. I'm glad you shared and I will keep praying for the little cutie patooty!!

Liz said...

I'll be saying an extra prayer for Addison. How did they discover all of this? It must be so stressful. And shut the is she 9 1/2 months already? A year will be here before u know it. She is so beautiful.