Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Home Addie!

Jared's back to work so it is my first day home with all 3 of my babies ALONE. My goal is SURVIVAL but I thought I would take a few minutes and share pictures from the first day she came home.

entire family HOME

The boys ran to the car. They were SO excited.

They love to "help" which can be a bit scary but they area great older brothers.


Alright, I am off to brew some REALLY strong coffee. Wish me luck. Better than that PRAY for me! :)


Andrea said...

Love the family picture! You can tell everyone is so excited to have her home! You will do fine today! Enjoy every minute of it!

Margaret said...

She is so cute!!!! I am glad she is finally home!

louisianaborn said...

She DOES look like her father! She is so tiny but so beautiful! I am glad she is safely home where she belongs.